Terry Marshall

Bass/Vocals 🎸🎤

A dynamic front man, and the man of a thousand voices. As both a solo performer and member of The Sutcliffes, Terry is a singular talent. 


Chuck Simms

Guitar/Vocals 🎸🎤

Chuck brings an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Beatles. Whether it’s vocals, or guitar (both six and twelve string) Chuck adds humour and musicality to the performance.


Shaun Wilson

Guitar/Vocals 🎸🎤

Shaun’s stellar tenor for both lead vocal and harmonies are a crucial element, and his acoustic and electric guitars are essential components of the band’s catalogue. He also rocks a fedora. 


Pedro Arbour

Drums 🥁

Pedro is a well-regarded multi-instrumentalist and percussionist who remains an in-demand talent in Victoria.

The frontline of The Sutcliffes have history

Terry Marshall, Chuck Simms, and Shaun Wilson put the band together in 2007. Throughout their original run, the band had several talented drummers (including John “Stumpy” Pepys, Eric “Stumpy Joe” Childs, Peter “James” Bond, Mick Shrimpton, and Joe “Mama” Besser.)

A weekly residency at the Fernwood Inn in Victoria, BC led to bigger and better things, including four appearances on the mainstages of Liverpool’s International Beatleweek as well as the world-famous Cavern Club.

After several years’ hiatus, a reinvigorated Sutcliffes return, featuring Pedro Arbour on drums. The band still offers the energetic stage show they were renowned for.

The Band Live on Stage

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The Sutcliffes
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